Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Craigslist Killer: Philip Markoff interviewed by Boston Police

  Criminal!!  It's criminal what the devil deceives and tricks people into doing, when they lack knowledge of the God's Word, and therefore can't STAND AGAINST the LIES of Satan! (Ephes 6:10-18) Lies that will always seem TRUE, virtually all the time! Philip Markoff  'didn't have' "the weapons of our warfare, which are MIGHTY through God!"  Lacking more spiritual Light, he was vulnerable to the lies, and therefore captivity, of 😈 Satan!
Very sick 23 yr old by, a week earlier robbed and killed a girl in a hotel, and then several more - but not all the girls died. Philip, a very intelligent medical student was at the time suffering from a gambling addiction (& I think maybe alcohol problem too) had a pretty fiancee and they had been living together for two years.  The SMI killer is being questioned on this video (audio only) by a detective who was as 99.9% sure Phillip definitely was the person they were looking for (had his fingerprints on the tape he put on the mouth of the girl he killed; as well as he was seen on hotel surveillance cameras in several motels where he robbed & tied up several different girls, all in one week.  who committed this crime - even a series of them.
   Phillip lies to the detective, saying he doesn't know anything about the incident. Phillip talks very casually - not like someone guilty, or 'afraid they are 'on to him', therefore very nervous, believing he's got to lie, or refuse to talk at all.
  The detective in this video recorded in a Boston office sounds like he has had some very good CIT training. Patient, not rude, careful to not pressure Phillip. Wants to draw the truth out, as much as he can at this first sitting. The detective doing the inquiry did an excellent job!
   I believe God wanted this to be a learning experience for me. Learn from both listening to the 23 yr old boy, Philip Markoff, who 'knew' (But, there was the 'dominion of darkness' 😈 in his mind!) he was guilty of a very recent murder and several robberies of college age girls, yet was very casually lying about the incident(s), but also learn from listening to this detective interviewing SMI Philip Markoff so extremely well.

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