Saturday, June 8, 2013

Soteria Allen sent you a video: "We'll watch the horizon"

Soteria Allen has shared a video with you on YouTube
This is GREAT!! I joined Alliance Defense Fund (now 'of Freedom' not 'Fund')yrs ago when Dr James Dobson and others realized the ACLU was going to court and winning battle after battle because not or hardly being contested! But ADF and other Christian legal organizations have changed that! Praise the Lord! As shown in this video, they are now available to give Pastors and Christian ministries pro bono (free) legal help. And they have been winning battle after battle, some that have gone before the Supreme Court! Some have taken years of sticking with a case and much in legal costs (provided for by happy to give donors!!) , but they have heard God saying we need to also fight in the LEGAL realm and protect our God-given rights; and not to, because of ignorance and lack of resources, default to the enemy of Christianity and the Truth----'the father of Lies' (John 8:44) the devil, himself!

While you shepherd your flock, we'll watch the horizon and protect you and your church from the gathering legal storm. Learn how at
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