Monday, October 2, 2017

Reigning in Life Thru Jesus!!

When I finally got teaching on how to recognize and rule over the devil it CHANGED MY LIFE!!
As you can imagine, this is very important!
Life is much more FUN when we learn how to reign, using our authority in Christ, by the Holy Spirit, over the devil!!
Much more FUN for God too!
Jesus (God) hurts when we hurt! That's WHY the devil attacks us, God's kids, to HURT God!! Utter evil!!
 And that is exactly what happens if, in our ignorance, we let the devil have a place in our lives!  HURT!! The devil is CRUEL!!
Satan will try to rob us of our joyful life with God (and rob God!) by attacking our bodies, minds, families, money, ministry, anything it can think of to HURT us!
I'm going to watch this a few times. Or more!