Friday, December 12, 2014



2014 December 12
from G. Edward Griffin

The First Congress of Freedom Force will be broadcast live Saturday

On December 13, Freedom Force will convene its first Congress. This is an important milestone in the development of the world's first organization based on enumerated principles of freedom and with a Freedom Academy to teach those principles. Nothing like this has ever happened before in history, and you are invited to witness this historical event, as it happens, streaming live over the Internet.

See it here.

If you are not familiar with Freedom Force and its unique mission, please check it out at the Freedom Force web site. Only then will you see what makes us optimistic about the future in spite of the gathering storm. Go to:

To be accomplished by the First Congress of Freedom Force International:

► Check credentials of attendees and confer Delegate status to those who qualify.

► Delegates will select a Speaker pro tem who will convene the First Congress.

Delegates will nominate and elect members of the Leadership Council.

► Leadership Council will appoint Officers.

► Leadership Council and Officers will establish standing committees.

► Overview: Set in motion a global movement based on The Creed of Freedom, perpetuated by The Freedom Academy, protected by a core of members called Guardians, and guided by a Leadership Council that springs from the membership, itself. Nothing like this has ever been done before.

Everyone is invited to observe, but Chartered Members (those who have pledged financial support) will have an opportunity to send comments or ask questions by email. The email address will be sent Friday evening prior to Saturday's session.

May the Force of Freedom be with you.

G. Edward Griffin    

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