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Should these people go to prison if they mess up causing a disturbance, or even have 'out of control behavior' which includes yelling & throwing a brick in a neighbor's window, hoping to get caught by the police and put in jail to have PROTECTION from the beings out to 'get him' as my brother Bill did here in San Angelo? I did something similar when the 'bad demons' were trying to cruelly hurt me even more than they had! The 'good demons' had shown up first and were so sweet & were helping me to not be hurt by the bad demons. But then somehow all that was around were very cruel bad demons!!! Where were the good demons?? They promised to help me!! Scared of the bad demons, I jumped on my bike (40 yr old) to hurry to the Police to ask for help, hoping they would at least lock me up so I would be safe. (Never had been in jail. Wanted HELP!!) The San Angelo Police knew enough on that Sunday afternoon to call the MHMR Respite Center on Magdalen and Dusty McCoy showed up and talked with me very kindly and encouragingly; and invited me to come and stay at MHMR Respite Center. He said he thought they could help me. I left Respite the next day because that is what the 'good demons' told me to do, go back to my house alone with them! I could have done some illegal acts and gotten taken to jail as the San Angelo police threatened to do when I kept clanging the phone on the phone booth which at that time was on the outside of the Food Basket on Main St and was yelling out at the same time. The manager had complained and the police came and told me the store manager called them. This usually happened when I came there to use the phone. The police told me I couldn't come on the property anymore or I would be taken to jail. Because of schizophrenia and Tourette's Syndrome (yelling out, often vulgar words!! as well as bodily movements out of control, even hitting people) I felt I needed to stay at home as much as I could so I wouldn't end up getting arrested and locked up. I had already nicely been asked to not come back to church as long as I was having the outbursts that I was having in church, causing a disturbance. My pastor said he thought I needed help beyond what he could provide; that I might have a chemical imbalance and need professional help. I also FEARED getting on medication (still had a lot of these symptoms after on medications) and also being locked up in a mental institution. So I became homebound and got my food through ordering out pizza and bread sticks from the Pizza Hut. This went on quite a while, possibly for a month or more, and then even the Pizza Hut refused service because I sounded so strange on the phone when I ordered my pizza. (Wrote a book on all the ways to eat pizza. Not really. LOL) Anyway, I finally ended up getting sent to Big Spring and put on medications and helped by the MHMR people here in San Angelo, whom I am very grateful for!! They were a BIG help! All the doctors, nurses and case workers were very kind and very caring. They understood I had mental illness and treated me with dignity and kindness---in spite of all the weird and ugly, at times! BUT they did not know what I needed to actually be HEALED of my mental illnesses, including depression, was to learn more from GOD'S WORD about the great inheritance we have when we come to know Him by being born-again by giving our lives fully to Jesus, and also to learn more about the evil enemy, Satan, who is out to hurt us as much as he can in order to hurt God!! Demons try to take God's place!! 1 Peter 5:8 "seeking whomever they can devour!!" I had gotten very deceived and under their CONTROL!! Tyranny - I felt COMPELLED to OBEY them!! I call that 'devoured'. They come to do what I've named 'T&T' - Torment and Tyranny!!!
Thank You, Jesus for providing what I needed to get through that long dark tunnel and be set free by You and more and more of Your Word in me!! Hallelujah!!
Assertive Community Treatment -- Introductory video
Assertive Community Treatment, or ACT, is a way of delivering a full range of services to people who have been diagnosed with a serious mental illness. ACT's goal is to give consumers adequate community care and to help them have a life that isn't dominated by their mental illnesses. With ACT, consumers get help taking care of their basic needs—taking medications, getting up, and getting through the day. ACT teams work closely with consumers to see which medications work best for them. They help consumers find housing, apply for food stamps, go back to school, or get a job.

This film gives viewers basic information about the Supported Employment (SE) program, including the following:
* Practice principles;
* Practice philosophy and values;
* Basic rationale for services; and
* How the evidence-based practice has helped consumers and families.

English and Spanish versions of the Introductory Video are on the DVD in the KIT.
EBP KIT series
The Evidence Based Practices KIT series guides service providers, administrators, consumers and families towards a culturally-competent inclusive approach to behavioral health.

Target audience:
* Mental health policymakers
* Administrators
* Funders

The entire Assertive Community Treatment Evidence-Based Practices (EBP) KIT can be downloaded at
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