Monday, October 15, 2012

Sylvia had lesssons in Animal Behavior!

 Sylvia Jones, wife of Independent write-in presidential candidate Dr Terry Jones has been led by God recently to go to school to learn Animal Behavior. Little did she know God was preparing her to move into this leadership position with her husband as the next US President and that there would be many in our country she would need this training for!! Yes, there's a whole range of what people in America are like (including the 'Occupy' kind that are 'special needs' ones). God saw this was part of the training Sylvia needed!!  I know she and Terry will do a great job; a couple who looks to God each day to lead them, and also who know they need others---that it's a team thing in government, but also the American people are part of the success team who are already working at getting our  country turned back to God and the Bible, SO THAT WE CAN return to being a sovereign and prosperous nation that can again be a shining light and help to others nations!
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