Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Voting from Conscience

Final showdown: Sheriff Joe slaps Obama with new birth-certificate bombshell

Final showdown: Sheriff Joe slaps Obama with new birth-certificate bombshell

Still very important!
Corruption in our government will NOT just go away!
Whether  Obama, Clintons, Trump, on and on  JUSTICE is needed!
Our Founding Fathers said our gov't was designed for a virtuous people; that it would not work for any other!
Electing the 'Lesser (supposedly) of two evils!' is not VIRTUOUS!!
The Bible says "When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; but when the ungodly (wicked) rule, the people mourn!" (Proverbs 29:2)
Study the Constitution and the authors and their lives. It shows their godly, loving and wise intentions regarding how and why they decided what they did in the creation of our government! You will see the beauty of the US Constitution, and what they based the American Laws on.  They are clearly shown to be based on Judeo/Christian beliefs and values! From the Bible!
A good example of this is the  placing of one's hand on the Bible in Court and swearing as a witness in court in front of God & man, "to tell the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth, so help me God!" And meaning it, literally,of course!
A government for virtuous, honest people!  What we all want!
God is smart! And LOVES US!!
It is those Christian values that protect the Freedom of Religion for ALL, and all the other inalienable, God-given rights for ALL human beings, recognizing 'all men were created equal, by their Creator, in the likeness of God', and therefore to be recognized as all men equal. Justice = No one is above the Law!
I have no doubt Donald Trump, is 'in bed with' the Clintons and Obama, and other Liberals, and (pretend) blasted Hillary during their supposed 'hate each other' campaign, saying, "I will see that Hillary is arrested! She deserves to be arrested and serve time for her crimes!" (eg, Benghazi and other murders, etc) I am convinced Donald Trump had no intention of having Hillary arrested, put on trial, and sent to prison! What he said 'she deserved for her crimes!'  None! Dangerous corruption!
   Just needed to give appearance as opponents  - for a while!
   Letting these people, some of whom have coldly committed some very heinous crimes leave the White House, write books spreading their deceit, live in relative luxury on their retirements, special health-care, and many with MUCH wealth through connections and deals made with billionaires such as George Soros, & other (robbers!) hedge fund owners and foreign donations loaded Foundations!  Crime pays!!
   The Trump Foundation is one! Where are Trump's tax returns? Still being audited?? If having nothing to hide, being such an honest man running for the highest position in the world, why not show the people?! Especially with having so MUCH in his past for people to suspect him to be a lying, thieving lustful man!  Why not show us just the Tax Returns?  That's hardly anything!
There is much other that is very questionable (or rather, 'believed' by many!) about his life - such as records showing his four bankruptcies!!
Donald trump was over and over put forth as 'qualified' to be the best man as the next  President of the United States of America because of him being such a successful 'businessman', because he is a billionaire -- that's the proof!!??  Well let us SEE!
 And that is his greatest asset in running for President - a Great Businessman! To help our economy!
 How about George Soros?  Maybe he could do better?
  Justice - NOW!  Not in four years, letting a man whom we have VERY MUCH reason to believe  - 'much probable cause' -- to believe is a criminal!!  
Would such a criminal have anything to do with rigging an election?  Especially having so much $$$ to use in crime?  And connections!  WHY NOT let us SEE?
I am praying the Electoral College will bring these things up, and arrive at the obvious 'to many' conclusion: that Donald Trump is NOT FIT to be the President of the United States of America!
Everyone reading this please consider PRAYING for justice, and Protection of the United States in sparing us from continued corruption in our gov't, and to provide in us with someone who is virtuous and wonderfully qualified for this role.  There are many who are!!  Praise the Lord!!
And please also SPEAK out about HOW getting another BAD person in the President's seat CAN be averted!!  Very Important for America!  And all the world!!
The Electoral College CAN stop Trump's election!  It meets Dec 19th.
Our Founding Fathers knew there could be need for stopping the wrong person from somehow slipping into the highest ruling position of the US Government and provided many checks on it, including the STOPPING of an evil person getting in at the point of the Electoral College.
Thank you all for helping SAVE our country!
God is answering our prayers, and truly HEALING our land, BUT we need to stick with Him, and follow through on ALL He wants us to do!
 'No matter how 'not very nice' it is!'
It will be MUCH nicer and EASIER NOW, than next summer or sooner, when things here start looking like the CRUEL GOVERNMENTS (cruel people!!!) of other countries, many of whose authoritarian leaders; people who see lying, stealing, and murder as a normal way 'to handle things', Donald Trump esteems!
Thank you for doing your part, working with God, to HEAL our Land!

With Jesus'  Compassion 4 America! (& the world!!)
Love, Soteria (& Jesus!!)

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