Friday, December 28, 2012

MERRY CHRISTMAS! (My homemade card)

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! (My homemade card)

Hi my Christian brethren!
                                 Christmas 2012

I think you're really going to like this!
The reason it is arriving a  few days after Christmas is because I need to do more studying on the 'how to' these things---making videos, slides, learning how to send them so they will work on the receiver's end too, etc.  Also, I've had a lot of error messages causing interruptions for which I had to take quite a bit of time trouble shooting. I think most problems may be due to needing to upgrade from XP to Windows 8, which I intend to do next month.

My homemade Christmas card is below, but the following instructions will help you be able to make it work right, so you can both watch the video AND read my card on 3slides: (Instructions may seem long and complicated, but NOT REALLY! You may already know what I put here, just in case, for anyone who doesn't know. Sending it to my family and friends, some not so computer savvy.

Easy instructions:
Click on the enclosed link and it will open a 3 slide slideshow. It works best if you click the PAUSE button at the bottom of the slide RIGHT AWAY before it automatically moves on, read what I wrote, and then click on the VIDEO above and ENJOY IT!!
 It's very touching and humorous!

Then click the Restart arrow > at the  bottom left of the slide, and it will go to slide 2.

BUT at slide 2, again RIGHT AWAY you will need to click the PAUSE button at the bottom left of the slide to keep it from moving on to the next slide automatically, in order to read what I wrote before it moves on.

When you are ready, (do the same for ea slide) click the restart arrow > at the bottom left of the slide and it will move on to the last slide.

 BUT at the last slide also, you will RIGHT AWAY have to click on the PAUSE button at the bottom of the slide so you can read it before it moves on automatically.

ENJOY my Christmas card!
When you watch the video, I think you'll see why I decided to make it into a Christmas card.

With Jesus' Compassion 4 you!!
Your sister in Jesus, Soteria

Jesus Loves YOU!!